Title IX Sexual Harassment Guidelines


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Every K-12 Institution in the United States (including charter institutions that accept federal funds) is required to implement a specified grievance process when a sexual harassment allegation has been reported or a formal complaint filed. The grievance process is defined by the new Title IX Ruling that was released from the federal government in May 2020. This product not only includes a step-by-step process in a logical sequence but provides all the documentation and letters needed to implement the new rulings. All components of the packet have been reviewed and vetted with an attorney.
Included in the downloadable Title IX packet are three folders:
  • Manual – A comprehensive 51 page manual for the grievance team that includes all processes, all roles, and responsibilities, and recommended timelines. Examples of information in the manual are how to conduct interviews, a Q&A section, definitions, an investigation checklist, responsibilities of the Title IX Coordinator, etc.
  • Training – A presentation for all employees reviewing the requirements and process of mandated reporting AND a required comprehensive training for staff, the Grievance Team, who will be a part of that grievance process. Both presentations include directions and facilitator notes.
  • Appendix – The appendix section includes 20+ electronic fillable checklists, forms, and letters. All letters and documents that are sent home are in English and Spanish.