Child Custody Guidelines


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Every K-12 Institution will deal with child custody issues at some point. This guide addresses custody issues between divorced, separated, or unmarried parents that may arise in a K- 12 Institution.

When everyone gets along in families, there is usually no need for the school to get involved with custody issues. However, children can be an emotional area for separated parents, and the school may experience parent frustrations when differences of opinion arise. The information provided in this packet seeks to provide compliance guidelines in a manner that recognizes both the student’s safety and parents’ rights. It also provides guidance to avoid placing the school/district in the middle of custody disputes.

Included in the downloadable Child Custody packet are four documents:
  • Manual – A comprehensive 15 page manual for campus staff that includes guidelines on custody orders, education decisions, family members, enrollment, withdrawals, FERPA concerns, enforcement, non-custodial parents, visitation, situational questions, and important definitions.
  • Training Presentation – A presentation for all campus staff to assist them with staying objective and legal with respect to custody issues.
  • Training Presentation Facilitators Notes
  • Training Presentation Participant Handouts